Friday, June 22, 2012

Just an update on my life in general...;-)

So, here is my life update ;-)

Tonight, I have my dance recital! Ooohh....I'm getting butterflies in my stomache just thinking about it! I'm super excited, and super nervous at the same time! Yesterday was the dress rehearsal, and it went really well, though, so I've got no reason to be nervous...I hope... ;-) We tried to take pictures, but, my mom's camera wasn't cooperating very well, so no good ones of us...:-( But, she'll be trying again tonight, so maybe I'll have some to post up tomorrow!

Another fun thing - my BFF, Cassie Z (don't ask me why I made the Z like that...I felt like it. *giggles*) is coming on a sleep-over tonight! Whoo-hoo!!! Super excited! I've known Cassie for about 8 - 9 years now (wow...almost a decade! I feel so old...) and we are total "soul sisters" or whatever you call it. We actually just did this really fun 1950's sort of photoshoot with my mom. Cassie did all the research, I did our hair (I'm really into hair-doing) and made Cassie's skirt, we both designed our outfits, and Cassie did the makeup. Only thing my mom had to do was take the pictures!

We brought our old-fashioned bikes on the shoot. That was soooooo fun!!!! These pics are super cool, because they actually show how we act together a lot.

Going on long bike rides (once in a Colonial dress! Talking in English accents! Getting stared at by everybody! Good times...)

Telling secrets...

Getting into fist fights (okay, okay, not really...)
Acting absolutely ridiculous and weird whenever possible...and then laughing at ourselves...
Yep! Totally BFF's!!!
That photoshoot was so much fun! We're planning another one in the near future, and if I'm feeling extra generous, I just might post up a picture or two...or three...or four...

Just wanted to share that with you guys! This was so much fun! Mom did an awesome job with these pictures. I think she had as much fun as we did!


  1. What an adorable photoshoot! You girls look beautiful, love the hair, makeup and outfits. :-) Especially the photos with the bikes too... very cute! :-)

  2. These photos are great! You both look lovely (I love your hair!). My mom's a photographer too...I wonder if I could get her to do a photoshoot with me and my friends!

    I found your blog via Pretty Modest, and I love it! I'm your newest follower!(: