About Me, Myself, and I

Dear Reader,

Hola!!! So glad you popped by to learn a tad bit about me. So, without further ado, let's jump in!!!

I'm a fifteen-year-old Catholic Christian girl. (Yes, I will post a picture of me...if I ever get my camera up and running...*note - read post on camera dilemma; you'll see what I mean.*) The camera dilemma has resolved itself - and so, without further ado, here I am!


I'm the oldest of five; one lovely sister, and three ridiculous (and handsome) brothers.

The whole five-member clan is homeschooled - we have been since my first day!!! J-dog isn't in school quite yet, but he will be next year!!! He is looking forward to that exciting event. That little guy is no longer little...he's in school now. *sigh* Getting too big...

I am the crafty one in my family; if I see something that I like, I just have to figure out how to do it! Some of my favorite things to do are hair flowers, remodeling 10-year-old billboards so they look cute, reorganizing my room (adding decorations along the way), painting, sewing...anything crafty, really.

Other things I enjoy are bike-riding on this sweet ride;
Ladies Schwinn Clairmont
Also, I love swimming, dancing, reading any good book I can get my hands on, playing with my siblings, writing, laughing and talking on the phone with my BFF, petting my dog, listening to my MP3 player, playing piano...and the list goes on.

My house is almost never quiet; my ballet sister (she's on pointe, by the way!) is usually grand jete-ing down the hall, a major light-saber duel is going on between Count Domino Man and Darth Michael-Motorcycle, my five-year-old bro is playing that the stuffed animals are on a major (noisy) rampage in the living room, and there is always some sort of catastrophe going on. In other words - it's a happy home! (Usually...;-)

I hope you enjoyed this little "nice to meet you", and please enjoy my blog. Comments are welcome! (I love comments!)

Your friend,

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  1. Nice to meet you! I was homeschooled till college too, and I'm the oldest of seven--I loved growing up in a big, homeschooling family like that!