Sunday, June 17, 2012

Guest Post: Joseph, My Little Bro!

Hey everybody! Today, I'm having my five-year-old brother, Joseph, "guest post" on my blog! Here he is; the one, the only, the JOSEPH!!!

Hi. My name is Oinky and my name is Joseph. And piggy is pigs.

Blue Munchy is a stuffed hamster, and so is Sunny. He's blue with purple spots, and Sunny is all like a light color. Blue Munchy has purple spots and has blue stuff and purple spots on him. And he's a hamster. And Sunny and Blue Munchy has little tail but Sunny's is little smaller. And Sunny and Blue Munchy has friend, and it's called Pink Munchy. He's a hamster and he's just pink. And there's hamsters that are just pink, and there's blue hamsters. There's Sunnys at the store too. And that's all. Hope you enjoy this, everybody! Bye!


Picture of Blue Munchy Made Under Joseph's Instruction

*Quick Note: This was taken down word for word...he came up with this "post" all by himself! Just imagine five-year old pronunciation, and you've got it right!;-) *


  1. Wow, such a gifted writer! I see big things in his future. ♥

    - Mom

  2. Ha ha! That is so cute!