Saturday, June 2, 2012

15 Items Day 2: Quiet Class

Hey everybody!

Oh, my, this morning I couldn't decide which of my items to wear today!

But, I finally decided on this outfit. My mom says I look like I'm from the 1980's with my pearls. :-)

White Shirt: Classic Elements (but bought at Thrift Town!)
Jean Shorts That Are Getting Too Small: Thrift Town
Pearl Bracelets/Necklace: Thrift Town!
Rose Earrings: Borrowed from Mom

I'm rather squinty in these pictures! Have you ever been told "Don't squint!" and immediatly your eyes tell your brain, "The light! So bright! Must squint and water!" Grrrr....

BTW, I wanted to say thanks so much to the people who've been commenting/following my blog! It makes me feel super good, since before only my mom commented! (My awesome. Yet again, the amazing pictures were taken/edited by her. Thanks mom!) Also, I've been loving your outfits! Super cute! Can't wait to see more!

Have an awesome day!

*Quick Edit* My dad says to say that he loves this outfit, mainly because I'm his daughter, but also because everything's from the thrift store! (My dad loves thrift stores. :-) He's very "thrifty" (and has taken me "thrifting.") Did I mention he's watching me write this? ;-)

*Yet Another Quick Edit* This is probably the last time I'm wearing these jean shorts - too tight! I'm going to switch them out for this super cute polka-dot skirt, which I'll post up later. I'll also switch out my skinny jeans w/ something. The temperatures have gone up over here - it's too hot to wear skinny jeans! Wonder what I'll pick out...update coming soon!


  1. Love the pearls! Very pretty. I've always been a lover of pearls, they are so feminine and classic. :-)

  2. Hey there! =) Glad to find your blog! Thanks for listing mine under "Blogs I Love." That makes me feel so great! =)

    I love the pearls, too! I don't think they look 80s so much as classy chic... I love that paired with casual wear - it's my favorite! I sometimes don a simple gray tee with a fancy necklace or dressed up cardigan.

    Glad to meet ya!


  3. So pretty! I love how you wore the pearls around your neck!

  4. Love the pearls!!!!

    I think I have those exact same shoes!!! I got them at Rack Room... Where did you get yours??? :)

    1. I think I got them at Macy's.

      The brand is Merona, or something like that - is yours the same brand?

      Those shoes are some of my favorites - so comfy!


  5. I looooove your outfit! The light wash shorts are perfect with the white tee. Very summery and classy :)