Sunday, June 3, 2012

15 Items - Day 3

Hey everyone!

So today my mom wasn't available to take my pictures, so I enlisted the help of my 13-year-old sister. We had lots of fun with some...interesting pictures. ;-) But she also got these;

Pink Shirt: Thrift Town (doesn't say brand name that I can find)
Skirt: Thrift Town (homemade)
Silver Sandles: No clue - ancient history!
Necklace: Borrowed from Mom
Flower: Online from somewhere...not sure where

Then I took these;

I thought my sister did a pretty good job, especially for her first time behind the camera taking a portrait! Good job, sis! Thanks a bunch!

This outfit was perfect for Mass today, since I was reading from the Bible aloud today. It's so cute a spring-like! (BTW, this contest is calling for creativity - I would have never thought this shirt would look so cute with the skirt!)

Happy Sunday!


(BTW, it would make my sister super happy if you told her how good the pictures were! Don't mention that I told you to! ;-)


  1. I love your outfit! Your shoes are so cute!!

    Your sister did a great job with the pictures! That was really nice of her too!

  2. I think the photos are just beautiful. Right now I have been getting my husband to take my outfit photos and sometimes I get pretty interesting photos! Lol. :-) it is easier than self timer though!

    Love your outfit so much! The colors all look so nice together. The necklace and sandals are adorable too!!