Monday, June 11, 2012

15 Items: Day 11

I can't believe that we're at day 11 already! Doesn't seem that long...

Shirt: Siren Lily (Thrift Town)
Skirt: CC Outlaw (Thrift Town)
Shoes: Rampage
Flower: Bought Online
Bracelets/Necklace: Borrowed From Mom (Thanks, Mama! ♥)
I'm having so much fun with this challenge! (This is an outfit I was a little scared of's one of those "you love it or you hate it" outfits. Glad that I went with the love!)


  1. I love your outfits! :) Thank you so much for the sweet comment on our blog :) I followed you!

    Keep Shining, Lizzy <3

  2. Oh I think it looks fabulous! What a cute combination. :-)

  3. Your outfit looks so sweet and comfortable! Lovely job!

    Charlotte Boyer