Sunday, June 10, 2012

15 Items: Day 10

Hey everybody!

So, my younger sister, Mary-Kate (13) came out with my mom and me, so we decided to take a picture or two of her outfit, and post it up. Doesn't she look cute?

I have no clue what brand all of this stuff is - I'll check later, and let you know! I can tell you, though, she made the earrings. Cool, right? She looks really pretty!

And, here's my Day 10 outfit:

Shirt: Doesn't say - Thrift Town
Skirt:Julie's Closet (Thrift Town)
Shoes: Rampage
Necklace: Thrift Town

Mom said that I looked retro, so I went and got out my "retro" glasses. They desperately need adjusting, but for a photo shoot - perfect! (BTW, in this picture, I felt a little bit like a waiter. ;-)

My mom, who's been taking/editing these pics for the last 10 days, as I sat and hovered over her while she edited, asking her 10 times a minute how close they were to being done...for some odd reason said today, "I feel like a slave to this challenge!" Why on earth would she say that...;-)

Looking forward to seeing your outfits!


  1. Sweet Ana, I will mostly miss the end of our daily picture taking. ♥ I love you!

    - Mom

  2. Ha ha! Oh dear.. but the photos are GORGEOUS and must be worth all the effort!
    Your little sis is so pretty. Her hair is gorgeous and love her purple shoes and red nails. I want purple shoes!! I'd love to know the brand of her white pants.

    Adore your skirt! You find amazing things at thrift stores.

  3. Your sisters outfit is really adorable! I didn't look half that stylish when I was 13. :-) You look lovely again as well....that skirt is just too cute. It looks really nice with that bright top and the necklace! :-)

  4. Your's and your sister's outfits are adorable! Very nice job! I like your long string of pearls too!

    Charlotte Boyer