Thursday, June 7, 2012

15 Items: Day 7

So today, I'm posting rather late...I've been gone since 11 (am - not pm. ;-) We went to the bowling place (it was closed). Then we went to Sam's Club. Then after that we went back to the bowling place (it was open), bowled, came home, and immediately had ballet/Irish dance class. In other words - I'm pooped. I did have lots of fun, though. I got to hang out with my dad (while we grocery shopped) and then did really good in bowling. But, my body is telling me I'm exhausted...and I agree with it.

 But, now that I've summarized my fun/exhausting day, here's my outfit:

Skirt: Thrift Town
Shirt: ???
Shoes: Merona
Necklace/bracelet: Thrift Town
Purse: Thrift Town
Hair Flower (if you can see it): online from somewhere

I love this skirt: it's so fun! I'm going to try pairing it with a bright-colored top next. What accessories should I wear? Hmmm...

BTW, I'll probably post these up again in my next post, just because it's so late tonight...


  1. This is an adorable outfit! Love the hot pink purse too... :-)

  2. Super cute girl! that skirt is so bold, I love it!

  3. Lovely outfit! The pop of pink in the purse really adds some character to the ensemble! Nice Job!

    Charlotte Boyer