Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Pool (and a new idea)

So, over the summer, I'm going to start "Think in' Talk Thursday." I'm noticing that slowly...very blog is being *dun-dun-dun*


So, hopefully just talking about me, my life, and fun stuff will help me to remember that I do have a blog!!!
Let's see...what to talk about...
Well, over here, it has turned extremely hot!!! As in I'm-melting-into-a-small-greasy-spot-on-the-sidewalk-help-me hot. As in 105 degrees hot. As in it's-almost-too-hot-to-swim hot. As in...okay, you get the picture. :-)
But, luckily, we have - da-da-da-da!!! A POOL!!!!!!!!!! (Notice in my description I said it's almost too hot to swim.)
Our pool - after my dad assembled it

Us swimming around
So, now you see what I look like when I'm not all dressed up :-)

My bro looking cute - and knowing it, too!
 We'll be swimming tonight - super fun!!!

So, there's my first "Think in' Talk Thursday." What did you think? (no pun intended. :-)

P.S. Hopefully I'll have a surprise to share with you in next post!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed...

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