Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Polyvore Woes...:-(

Hey everybody!

So, a lot of people have been using something called "Polyvore." And I looked it up, and I thought - WOW!!! How cool is that! So, I set up an account. Little did I know what dissapointment was coming up...

I guess Polyvore automatically makes you follow other people when you first start up...and one of the people I wound up following was called "kidondrugs". Ewww...

So, I'm asking - is there a way to get rid of these people that I really don't want to follow? (and keep these people from following me...) Because if there isn't...bye-bye Polyvore. :-(

I did make one set though  - what I would wear on Fourth of July. (Actually, I just copied these from Polyvore, and then pasted I guess it's sort of like Polyvore...)

I love this outfit - so cute, and classy! Love it!

What are you wearing on the Fourth?

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