Friday, July 6, 2012

Clothes I wish I had...

Hey everybody!

So, in the last few posts, I've been talking about Polyvore...and how much I love it...and how I enjoy working with get ready...because here is the ULTIMATE POLYVORE OVERLOAD!!!! *crowd cheers*

Black and Red

Black and Red by sabrasabra featuring vintage necklaces

I really liked the dress...I was sad it was so short :-( But, the leggins make that all better. :-)

An Orange and Blue Combo

An Orange and Blue Combo by sabrasabra featuring an orange glitter nail polish

I never wear orange. Never. I just don't know if you could style it cute. So, I decided to give it a try. Officially. Want. Orange. Top.

A Warm Summer Day

A Warm Summer Day by sabrasabra featuring flower hair accessories

My sister wanted to see what Polyvore was, and she was shocked that I had almost no casual outfits. Here you go, sis!

Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection by sabrasabra featuring flower jewelry

This outfit looks so comfy! Would love to wear after swimming with friends, and then going somewhere...

Casual Class

Casual Class by sabrasabra featuring pearl jewelry

Yet another casual outfit. For some reason, I like leather/stones with white, flowy tops.

Out for Ice Cream

Out for Ice Cream by sabrasabra featuring 1928 jewelry's's cute...someone lend me about $200 so I can create this outfit!!

Artistic Girl

Artistic Girl by sabrasabra featuring cabochon jewelry

My sis came up with this. Good job, M-K!!

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

Sunday Afternoon in the Park by sabrasabra featuring a nude lipstick

My grandma came up with this one. Didn't she do a great job?

Summer Polka-dot Fun

Summer Polka-dot Fun by sabrasabra featuring silk tank tops

Back to me. This one's so fun and girly! I love yellow and pink.

Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue by sabrasabra featuring a pleated skirt

Pink and blue is one of my favorite combos. What would you call this style?

Pink Fairytale

Pink Fairytale by sabrasabra featuring a pink lipstick

If I ever went to a prom, this is what I would wear. ♥

Casual American

Casual American by sabrasabra featuring polka dot earrings

And, last but not least (and a bit out of season...oops.) Casual American! Love this outfit!

Now, here's a question - how come all of the stuff on Polyvore is so expensive? Just wondering...

I ♥ Polyvore!


  1. Love the orange and blue one. :-) So nice! Polyvore can be loads of fun.. I enjoy it too!

  2. are hired as my personal stylist!

  3. Okay, you are now my personal stylist!