Saturday, July 21, 2012

My long week, and beautiful sis

Hey everybody!

Have you ever had a week where it felt like you were never home...and then were extremely tired...and then got sick?

Meet my week.

Sunday: Prepared as much as possible for camping without working (since it was Sunday)
Monday: Got up super early, packed up, left for camping - set up camp, swam, stayed up late, etc...
Tuesday: Got up super early, went swimming, got ice cream, stayed up super late.
Wednesday: Packed up camp, left for home, unpacked, went to Walmart to get stuff for my sister's photoshoot in San Francisco (oh...I forgot to tell you guys about that! After I finish complaining, I'll tell you guys all about!), practiced curling my sister's hair for her photoshoot (an hour of burnt fingers, lots of product, and one unhappy sister...), went to bed late.
Thursday: Got up at seven, curled my sister's hair for her photoshoot (another hour of burnt fingers, lots of product, and one unhappy sister...), left for San Francisco at 9 am, spent a fun (but long!) day of picture taking, eating at restaurants, and visiting almost every public bathroom in the city (why, whenever you don't have access to clean bathrooms, do you suddenly and desperatly need to go every other hour???) Got home at 11:30, didn't get to bed until 12:45...
Friday: Went to a swim party, and babysat from 5:30pm till 11:45 (they got home rather late...), started feeling horribly disgusting.
Saturday: Found, to my utter delight (not!) that I have come down with a wonderfully nasty virus. Great.

So, I'm in my pjs, trying as much as possible to do nothing. It's actually kind of nice not to be rushing around - hopefully next week won't be so hectic!

On a happier note...

That photoshoot in SF that I mentioned? Well, a proffesional photographer (Bree Franklin - she's a super nice lady!) wanted to take pictures of a dancer - and she picked my beautiful, talented sister! We were all thrilled!!! (especially my sister - she was ecstatic!) So, we scheduled a date/time, picked a beach, and eagerly awaited the day.

The only problem? Bree wanted Mary-Kate's hair curled.

My sister's hair. Won't. Hold. Curl. I curled her hair with hot rollers, and nearly killed it with hair spray, mousse, curl hold name it, it was in her hair. By the time we met with Bree, it was almost gone. But, luckily, Ms. Bree had changed her mind, and wanted it up, so everything was fine. Actually, she let me do M-K's hair!

It was freezing on the beach, and extremely exhausting, but when we saw one of the pictures Ms. Bree did, it was all worth it. She's only edited one so far - but here's the link to it:

My Beautiful Sis

Isn't that an amazing picture??? It was worth all the tribulation of hair curling, long drive, and freezing wind. I'm so proud of my sister.

Have an awesome day!

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  1. Sorry about the virus...but what a beautiful picture of Mary-Kate!!!