Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Books

Hola, mi amigas y amigos!

I just turned fifteen two days ago!

*applause* *cheers* *happy birthday song*

Turning fifteen has opened a new world for me in the way of books. I got to read the first book of the Cheney Duvall series, The Stars for a Light. (Technically, that's not because I turned fifteen, but because my friend was super nice and lent it to me.) It is a really good book, even if they get one Catholic belief wrong. (If you get the impression that Catholics aren't allowed to read the Bible, that was just an error on the book writers' part. My family reads it a lot!) I couldn't put this book down! (I even wanted to read it in the shower, but that didn't work out...) My mom had to almost drag me away from it to bring me back to the real world! But there's a whole series, and both me and my friend are desperate to get our hands on it! If you know where we can buy these at a good price, let me know...(-:

I also am reading the first book of the Love Comes Softly series, which, so far, is really good! I'm enjoying it a lot. My BFF gave it to me for my b-day, along with a really heartwarming card. (This year, we've known each other for about 8 years!!! Loooooooonnnnngggg time.....)

I'll probably share some more of my new book collection tomorrow...until then, God Bless You!

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