Thursday, May 31, 2012

15 Items; 15 Days

Hey everyone!

Oh my goodness, I haven't posted in like a week! *horror and screams*

Anyway, I have some exciting news. I'm participating in the 15 Items 15 Days challenge at Ashley's blog, Bramblewood Fashion! Basically, you pick out 15 items, and you use them to create 15 different outfits for the next fifteen days. Necklaces, camis, and other accesorries don't count (but shoes do!) This should be super fun! It starts tomorrow - but there's still time to join!

Anyway, I've picked out my fifteen items, so here they are!

As well as these, I have a super cute khaki skirt, a ruffled jean skirt, and some jean shorts. Didn't get good pics of them, though. :-(

I also decided to get rid of the creamy yellow shirt, so I have room for an emergency item!

I'm so looking forward to this, and I hope you'll join me! Thank you Ashley!


  1. Looks like some great outfits in there! Can't wait to see your 15 days. :-)

    1. Thanks! You just made my day - I've never gotten a comment before besides the ones from my mom! Thanks so much!

      P.S. Can't wait to see your outfits!

  2. I think I am going to like your tops! They are super cute!

    BTW, I love your name! Anastasia was on the list of possible names for me before I was born.

    -Gabrielle Renee

  3. I love what you picked out andI can't wait to see your outfits!


  4. Thanks so much, you guys! This challenge is going to be super fun!