Thursday, April 26, 2012

Movies I Love...

Lorem mea amicis! (That's "Hello my friends" in Latin, according to Google Translator...though sometimes google gets it wrong. One time I tried to talk about my friend's new pet rat in spanish, and it came out "How is your new pig oil doing? Does it scream into the hamster wheel now?" So if this comes out as "Hello, my pigs" don't blame me!!!)

Now, I'm going to attempt to write this blog post, but please forgive any typos - my four-year-old brother is on my lap, and wants to help me "wite" it.
I like to watch a lot of movies, like The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, as well as older movies, like Shirley Temple, Meet Me in St. Louis, and Cats Don't Dance.

Cats Don't Dance is a really cool, really funny, and really clean movie for the entire family! Ours watched it about three times in a row.) It's about this cat that wants to get a job in Hollywood, and all the stuff that happens to him and his friends. It's hilarious!

I've only seen the Hunger Games once (and a lot of it was through my fingers (-:) but I thought it was really good. Jennifer Lawrence made a great Katniss, and some of the movie made me cry! (Like the last scene with Rue.)

The Lord of the Rings is another really awesome movie. I've watched it about a jillion times, and I think that the director did a great job!

(I have to go now, so I'll probably make an edit on check back soon!)

*Editing Time!*

So, I'm back! *drumroll and fanfare* *applause*

One reason that I love older movies is that they're so clean, compared to a lot of movies today. Shirley Temple, for instance, is in tons of movies, and I think they (and she!) are awesome!!!

The part that I usually don't like about movies based on books (like Lord of the Rings) is that they often change so much of the book! For instance, in Lord of the Rings, they added all this romance throughout the whole movie; didn't happen throughout the whole book! They also added the Elves coming to save the Rohirrim in Helm's Deep; didn't happen! But, for the most part, Peter Jackson did an awesome job!!!

So there you go - some of my absolute favorite movies!

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