Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Did I ever mention...

Did I ever mention that I make hair flowers? *gasp* *scream* *shocked murmuring*

Yes, there's no need to fall over (LOL!!!), I actually have a crafty side of me!!! Actually, one of my favorite things to do is make crafts. (Speaking of which, if I ever find my camera battery charger, I should take some pics!)

Flower making is a lot of fun, and I actually run a small business at my ballet studio. I enjoy making the flowers, and the ballet girls always look so pretty in them! Here are some flowers that I have taken pictures of:

Elegant Blue

Pretty In Pink

A Taste of Spring

Victorian Brown

The 70's Look
(Don't quote me on that though - I mix up the 1900's rather badly sometimes)
I don't always like making the flowers - especially when they go up in smoke! (Yes, you can burn singed flowers if your not carefull...)

I've never set the house on fire, so don't worry. :-)

Sometime, I should set up a tutorial for you guys...look out for that!!!

P.S. I really like posting on my blog, so look out for a ton more posts! (I already have several ideas...

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