Sunday, April 22, 2012

10 Fun Facts

I know, I know, you really shouldn't be posting at 9:30pm...but I spent three hours trying to disect and understand the mysteries of starting a blog, so please forgive me. :-) (By the way, who ever said that starting a blog was easy? Oh wait...probably me...before I tried.)

So, I thought, as a celebration of starting my first ever blog, I'd share 10 facts about me. Here we go!

#1: Whenever people ask my age, I never say "fourteen." "Almost fifteen!" sounds better. :-)
#2: I'm the oldest of 5 kids; me, my sister, and three funny (and LOUD!!!) little brothers.
#3: We have attempted many pets, but the best one ever is Daisy, our beautiful black lab!
#4: I'm a very out-going person - bring on the people! :-)
#5: I am a piano student, a ballet dancer, and a budding photographer!
#6: I love to read - if you let me loose, I could probably read a library in a day!
#7: I've been homeschooled from the first day of school up to now - and it's going to stay that way until college!
#8: I love to cook! (Well, not the cooking part - but if I don't make it, then I won't get to eat it!)
#9: I love playing board games with my little bro Michael (even when he beats me...)
#10: I have a hard time thinking of cool facts! :-)

So, there you go; ten facts about me! :-)


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