Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Star Testing = Brain Frying

Hey everybody! (Like I've said before, I need a new intro...but I don't have many brain cells to think with right now!)

I just did a full day of Star Testing;

And I have no brain cells left!

(By the way, who can tell that I like making pictures on my blog? (-:)

So, tomorrow I have a day off, because I've got more star testing on thursday...yay...

But today's dance class was fun. (Did I ever tell you that I take tap, jazz, irish step, and ballet?) Today was a tap/jazz day, and it was super fun. In tap, we're nerds, and it is absolutely awesome!!!! The whole thing is hilarious!!! We're dancing to the song "Hip to be Square" and we get to dress like geeks!

Okay, this post will be too big if I put any more pics on it. *sigh* :-(

Can't wait to hear from you guys soon!

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